Lee Martin is a New Zealand-based singer/songwriter who has been impacting the music scene with her thought-provoking lyrics and storytelling writing style.  She is South African born and has recorded two original albums that received ample radio play and enjoyed great success with her fans from all the corners of the world.  A childhood spent listening to greats such as Van Morrison, Dire Straits, Pink Floyd, Leonard Cohen, etc. has greatly influenced her music.   Lee started her training in classical guitar at the age of 9 and has been singing and performing ever since. 

Martin is an old soul with a versatile writing style that allows her to cross genres as she glides easily between Soul, folk, rock, blues, and country, all the while maintaining her unique sound.  

Lee's storytelling writing style is what intrigues her fans and keeps them captivated.  

25 Feb 2022 Lee released her brand new Motown-inspired album "Gypsy Soul" through AllGood Absolute Alternative Records and recorded at Redroom Studios in Auckland. Lee returned to her African roots and had the gospel backing vocals recorded in Johannesburg, South Africa. 

"Gypsy Soul" went straight to number 14 on the Top 20 New Zealand Official music charts and has received international attention from radio and press alike. 

Her single "What if I die" came out at number one as's top single for 2021. This same single has been playlisted on CMT (Country Music Television Australia) and two more of her music videos have been playlisted on Ditty TV in the USA. 

Lee’s Album Release Tour with her band is currently underway and proudly supported by the NZ Music Commission. 

Renowned for her unforgettable, beguiling performances and her connection with audiences, this will be a tour not to be missed. 

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